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clapper board
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clapperboard Popular black and white wooden chalk board 300mm x 270mm
Quality - very good for the price.
£19.99 New price £14.99

Beware of cheap units which look similar! This particular board is made by us and the real deal - NOT a cheap flimsy "Hollywood" style clapperboard for sale in joke shops etc. Instead this is a great quality "entry level" chalk board ideal for movie makers who want a credible and realistic clapperboard but at a value for money price.. If you are just starting out then this is right board for you. Professional enough to look fab on screen. Quality is the best for its price and each board comes supplied in protective shrink wrapped plastic. An ideal gift. Perfect for those on a tight budget or new to movie making.

More details (with video demo) here


clapperboards Professional wooden black and white chalk board 280mm x 240mm

Quality: Excellent and has improved features

£29.99 In stock 45 pieces

Superior quality finish Black & White chalk board made to a very high specification. We take the same expensive clap stick fitted to our acrylic ranges below. The stick is inset with magnets to aid with the clap. We then fix it to a board painted matt black designed to accept chalk. The additional money gets you a stunning looking board. Recommended !

More details (with video demo) here


black acrylic board Professional acrylic dry wipe chalk board 280mm x 240mm

Quality: Superb. Ideal for no mess work. Exclusive from us.

£49.99 In stock 23 pieces - Free Bistro Pen -white- included!

This exclusive dry wipe board is made by us. Use wipe clean liquid chalk for mess free work yet with the look of the wooden board. A perfect solution. Use with the pen (provided) or use your own bistro pens. Excellent quality board and still at the value for money end of the market. Other colour pens look fab on this unit as well !!

More details (with video demo) here



clap boardAcrylic clapperboard with black & white sticks 280mm x 240mm
Quality: Very High
£39.99 In stock 99 Pieces

Acrylic boards are industry standard for filming because they are less messy to use than chalk boards. Instead of chalk they make use of dry-wipe pens to enter details. This board is our entry level model and a very popular first purchase. An excellent board at a decent price. Sticks are inset with magnets to help with the clap. Professional film makers will recognize the now familiar deep engraved design and layout created by our team of full time movie makers. We have sold many of these boards to professional studios and crew. At this price who can argue? Can be back lit.

More details (with a video demo) here


colour clapperboard

280mm x 240mm


Acrylic clapperboard with colour sticks
Quality: Very High In stock 203 pieces

Does everything the same as the one above but has been enhanced with the Kodak style colour sticks to help colour match video during the editing process. A great price. Once you see the work that goes into the colour sticks you will not begrudge the extra cost. Ideal purchase for those looking for something a bit extra. These also make superb gifts to budding film makers.

More details (with a product video) here


280mm x 240mm


iPad Electronic digital clapperboard sync slate kit......
Quality: Very High In stock 10 pieces

With digital clapperboards costing £1500 this solution can save you big money.

You will recieve an acrylic clapperboard specially modifed to accept your existing iPad. Simply download the app to your existing iPad to use.

We also supply a free case and a free strap. Simply insert your iPad into the case and you have an instant digital board. Download one of the many apps (some are free, some are paid for but less than £18) and thats it.

More details (with a product video) here

small clapperboard

190mm x 170mm

Premium [commercial] range - (Size: very small 19cmx17cm) Acrylic
Quality: Premium Brand Very High
£89.99 In stock 14 pieces

We now move up a gear into the more expensive boards. This one is the baby board used for very tight shots. Its ideal for situations where space is at a premium. For example in bathrooms, closets etc. Layout is based on a standard size board (below) just more compact to save space. Comes with the latest solid black resin clapsticks inset with white resin filets. All of these boards are hand built by craftsmen using quality materials.

More details [with useful video] here




280mm x 240mm



Premium [commercial] range - Standard size - Black and white
Quality: "Premium Brand" Very High
£99.99 Back in stock !

The choice for full time professional film makers and we can now reveal this new design was under full test and in constant use on the James Bond set "Quantum Of Solace". Standard size clapperboard and a backbone for the film, TV and advertising industries. Each board is Individually hand built by UK craftsman. Components are designed for robust performance lasting many projects making this a hardworking board and everyday all round performer. Popular with big ticket budget productions where money is invested in durable quality tools built to last for years.

So what's new? This particular board was developed from scratch by professional clap loaders passionate about their careers who demand top quality equipment. We worked with them to redesign and rebuild the clapstick so it is now machined from a single piece of very durable black resin rather than wood which can warp and distort the sound. The sticks are then further engineered to create a space where we insert and bond white filets which are also made of resin. The front plate is now a translucent acrylic sheet to enhance backlighting. Each word and line is laser etched using twin-pack epoxy black paint allowing the board to retain its strength. We found on some deep engraved boards it could weaken the unit and fail if dropped...... This is a durable commerical range but not cheap.

More details (includes product video) here



large clapperboard Premium [commercial] range - Very Large - 385mm x 300mm
Quality: Premium Brand Very High
£169.99 out of stock

Fitted with solid wood clap sticks due to their length (sorry we cant machine rubber this long) . All the features of the standard board but much bigger. Ideal for long distance shots such as mountain ranges, helicopters, tall buildings. Anywhere where cameramen are at a distance and need to see when to start filming.

More details here




Drywipe BLACK marker for use on all white acrylic clapper boards - TESTED by us.
clapperboard pen
We highly recommend this black dry wipe board marker pen. Having tested many other brands of markers we found this one the best because it leaves no residual trace behind and can be completely cleaned off the clapperboard. Some alternative pens tested left ghost marks or witness marks behind that are difficult to remove from the clapperboard. We only sell the stuff that works.
Learn more about the pen

Drywipe WHITE marker for use on all black acrylic clapper boards - TESTED by us.
WHITE CHALK PEN for use on black acrylic clapperboards. Not suitable for wooden black clapperboards. This liquid pen gives a brilliant looking chalk effect. Note when you first start to use the pen the writing is opaque (clear) and takes 20 seconds to turn white. Once it does it looks fantastic. Really gives the impression of chalk. Nice item.


Standard Chalk for wooden clapperboards.
As the name suggests a standard 80mm piece of chalk for use with the black boards.

Replacement Stick: Standard wooden unit, white arrows, 3mm trench & allen screws
clapper slate

Replacement clapsticks for use on your own acrylic or wooden boards.

Or as a renewal for your existing board

Each stick is a set 280mm long



Black painted MDF with three allen bolts.

The trench is a standard 3mm thick


Replacement professional stick. Resin with white filiets & stainless bolts
clapperboard professional

Replacement clapstick. Rot proof, water proof, Guaranteed durability, all weather use, very robust commercial grade.

Replacement for your clapperboard

Each stick is a set 280mm long

More information and video here

clapper board

Solid resin with triple stainless bolts

The trench is a standard 3mm thick


Replacement COLOUR Stick. As above but with colour stripes

Clapperboard sticks colour

Replacement colour clapsticks for use on your own acrylic or wooden boards.

Or as a renewal for your existing board

Each stick is a set 280mm long


Colour Clapperboard

Black painted with three allen bolts.

The trench is a standard 3mm thick


large clapperboard Acrylic plate ONLY - 280mm x 200mm you do not get the sticks
Quality: Excellent - can also be backlit.
£19.99 In stock 412 pieces

This replacement plate is ideal for clap loaders who want a different layout, or who have broken an existing plate, or who have their own sticks. Based on our popular multi purpose design for film, adverts and TV production the board covers many functions. Remember you DO NOT get the sticks




Clapperboard Key Ring
Key Ring Clapperboards - Tiny Keyring key fob chain holder
Quality: Brushed Chrome then inset with black epoxy paint.
£14.99 £9.99 for a "clapperboard & camera" pair

These miniature clapperboard keyrings are the ideal accessory

More details here : Ask about bulk quantities


sync slateDigital range - 1
Quality: Excellent digital board
£1545 Made to order - Lead time 2 weeks

Digital boards are the ultimate in time code sync slates

More details here



time code slate Digital range 2
Quality: Excellent
£1275 Made to order - Lead time 2 weeks

Digital boards are the ultimate in time code sync slates

More details here



Digital range 3
Quality: Superb
£1376 Made to order - Lead time 2 weeks

.Digital boards are the ultimate in time code sync slates

More details here



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